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The studio undertakes to: 

Quality education:

  • A motivated and trained teaching team

  • An educational project established by term  

  • A learning strategy based on the implementation of projects on themes related to French culture.

  • An exercise manual to consolidate the concepts covered in class.

  • Reading sheets, language listening tools, works of children's literature available to your children because learning does not stop at the doors of the workshop. 

facilitate communication 

  • with your children so that they are as fulfilled as possible in their learning and in their environment.

  • with you in order to establish a relationship of trust

  • Between you and the teaching staff  

  • Clearly share your children's program

  • Establish a personalized follow-up with a learning contract in order to best target your child's needs and reward progress. 

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Make learning fun

  • with a fun program  (theatre workshop, presentation...)

  • access to multiple resources

(podcast, reading sheets ...)  

  • a pleasant environment to give them confidence in their exchanges in French.  

  • 1 Saturday per quarter, "l'atelier en fête" to highlight their successes!

to assemble

Make the workshop a place of appointment , of exchanges for our French-speaking community.

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