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Round 3
Class of cm1 / cm2

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Our workshops are prepared in coherence
with the program
of National Education.
They cannot substitute
to a full year
in French school
but we strive to make them
as efficient as possible
and adapted to the needs  of your children. 




  • Read fluently ​​

  • Understand a text and appropriate it

  • Understand texts and images and interpret them.  ​

  • Control your comprehension and become an autonomous reader.

from  different

reading materials:

  • Interpret punctuation, pronouns, graphic signs, different ways of distinguishing a character.

  • Find the meaning of an unknown word

  • Time indicators

  • Use their knowledge to understand a text, a point of view.

  • Narrative / dialogue difference

  • Chronology


  • to listen  to understand an oral message, a statement, a speech, a read text.

  • Speak with the audience in mind.

  • Participate in discussions in various situations.

  • Take a critical distance from what you are talking about.

  • Tell in the 1st person

  • Describe a character

  • Tell stories read

  • Play a skit

  • Tell a fable from memory

  • Convince to read a book that the child liked

  • Present a French city

  • Exposing historical information

  • To interview


  • Master the relationship between oral and written.

  • Identify the constituents of a simple sentence.

  • Find your way around the complex sentence.

  • To acquire grammatical spelling.

  • Enrich the vocabulary.

  • Acquire lexical spelling.


  • Simple sentence constituents

  • Lexicon of sensation  

  • Here  

  • nominal group

  • Dialog Verbs

  • Feminine adjectives

  • Past / Future / Imperfect / compound past / more than perfect

  • Completely circumstantial

  • Complement object / noun

  • Attribute of the subject

  • complex sentence

  • Specific lexicon 


  • Write fluently and efficiently.

  • Use writing to reflect and learn.

  • Write a variety of writings

  • Rewrite from new instructions.

  • Develop your text

  • Take the standards of writing to formulate, transcribe and revise.

  • Learn to copy text in cursive

  • Write a dialog

  • Create a collection of stories

  • write a fable

  • Write in the blog

  • write a poem


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